Peresvet, new laser weapons systems, in Russia's military

Peresvet new laser weapons systems in Russia's military

Peresvet laser complex

A video published on the ministry's Twitter feed on December 5 showed the new Peresvet system being moved out of a hangar and put on display.

Analysts say Russian Federation sees the weapons as a cheaper alternative to conventional forces. "We can talk a lot about laser weapons, and the films were made a long time ago, and was written a fantastic book, and know it all, but the fact that these systems began to enter service, really is today's reality", - said the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation on the military-industrial complex Yuri Borisov.

The military began taking possession of the first shipments previous year as part of Russia's ongoing military modernisation programme, according to The Moscow Times, and there is speculation the lasers could shoot down incoming missiles and aircraft.

Not much was known about the Peresvet, but it has been touted by Moscow as a state-of-the-art weapon capable of disabling targets in under a second and was revealed by Russian President Vladimir Putin along with a number of other new weapons in development during his State of the Nation speech in March. It is not even in the early production stages. Much of the information about the complex remains classified, but stated that he allowed Russian Federation to get ahead of their competitors in the field of laser weapons. A simple one: "we will also do this", Putin said. Equipping the armed forces of the country these laser systems was started in 2017 in the framework of the state armaments programme, but most of the information about the secret.

"It is expected to be an air-defence system that can track and shoot down hostile aircraft and missiles", Sputnik explained, adding, "Some suggest it will be tasked with "blinding" sophisticated enemy systems, making them inoperable".

Signed in 1987 by the United States and USSR, it banned both countries' use of all short and medium-range missiles.

The Peresvet laser system is Russia's first combat system designed along new physical principles.

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